about the role
I worked at Bic on the stationery team first as a Brand Design Intern (in-person) during the Summer of 2019, then as a Freelance Designer (remote) part-time during my senior year at RIT and full-time throughout 2020-2021.

I have worked on a variety of packaging designs, brand/image research and marketing materials for a variety of stationery brands including Bic Intensity, Bic ReVolution and BodyMark by Bic. 

The strategy was based on collaboration and brand research within the team as I worked with several other designers and the marketing team.
paint marker - 2021
I began working on the paint marker packaging concepts as intern. I researched new imagery, different packaging layouts and brand elements. 

Almost 2 years later, I had the opportunity to update the design to be bilingual by adding French for the Canadian market. I also needed to update the inspiration pamphlet: researching new imagery on Getty Images and working with the photo team to retouch the images. I led the art direction for this project.
BIC creativity kit - 2021
I redesigned this 50 count mixed product kit for club stores. The previous year was a lion graphic and the marketing team was looking to create a new and fresh look for this package. 

I researched new potential imagery, presented to the marketing team and colored-in the chosen octopus for the new look of the packaging.
BodyMark expression kit redesign - 2021
I redesigned the BodyMark gift kit, creating a new layout that includes one more marker than the previous kit.
BodyMark sunny vibes kit - 2021
Updating the previous BodyMark Gift Kit to a "Sunny Vibes" theme, including different colored markers, new stencils and a new look book. I researched imagery and tattoos, colored the tattoo artwork for our photo editors and even illustrated some of the designs. Our team worked together to create the new box, blister and look book design.
BodyMark henna vibes kit - 2021
Updating the previous BodyMark Gift kit to a "Henna Vibes" theme. Working simultaneously on both the Sunny Vibes and Henna Kit, our team used the previous gift kit as inspiration to create the the new themed kits.
BodyMark pride packaging - 2020
Our pride packaging for BodyMark continues to follow our brand guidelines while showcasing the LGBTQ+ community. I helped create the imagery for the pamphlet, researching tattoo designs, finding imagery on Getty Images and coloring the vector artwork.
dual tip markers - 2019
Design of the front and back of the 6 and 12count Intensity Dual Tip Markers packaging. I created the icons and layout for the back of pack as well.
ornament coloring kit - 2019
I assisted with the creative assets: designing the dieline of the ornaments, letter to Santa/envolope, and back of pack building instructions.
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