about the project
I self-published Juxtaposition, a photo book that compares photos from the trip to the Southwest (with the RIT honors program in January of 2019) and throughout my life including my first trips to the southwest and traveling throughout Europe. 

It is poetic journey of 36 photo comparisons and some text that showcases my point of view and perspective while traveling.

Please contact me if you are interested in viewing a PDF version or in purchasing a copy of my book.
“Some of these photographs look very similar as I traveled to the same spots just by coincident. It was sort of like a deja-vu moment. They brought back memories of my past journeys as a child and how I have changed and grown throughout my life."
I was inspired to use a variety of photographs from my various travel experiences within the book. 

I also included some pages with text to let the reader breathe and take it all in through my own thoughts
"While other comparisons require you to think a little bit more to find the similarities as well as the differences. I wasn’t just looking for photographs that looked exactly the same based on the picture, I was looking for places that were similar based on their concepts and ideas.”
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