about the project 
The project is a fully illustrated memoir of my 72 hour solo trip to Brussels, Belgium I took in November of 2018. It reflects upon my wanderlust experience, personal thoughts and how individuals can cope with being on their own. 

As my graduate program final project, I wanted to challenge myself by doing something that I have never done before. I focused on developing my storytelling, writing and digital illustration skills.

Please email me if you are interested in viewing the first draft of the book.
This was my first time using my Ipad and Procreate to illustrate a large project. I've always wanted to teach myself digital illustration because of its versatility. 

This project was daunting. It was difficult to develop my own "style," maintain consistency and figure out how to use visuals to depict each scene. It was important to find a balance between the text and images and figure out the best way to visualize my thoughts and emotions.

Top Row: Pencil Sketches, Second Row: scanned sketches with reference images, Third Row: Digital Illustrations.

cover exploration
Lost in Thought refers to all the thoughts someone might have while being alone. Internally, my head was flooded with all my senses, memories and emotions. It was a mixture of doing something completely new, accepting that I was on my own and gaining confidence in myself.

Moving too Fast refers to how life is constantly moving and how I was constantly moving forward on the trip. 

Seventy-two hours for a solo traveler can feel like an ideal amount of time but is it really enough? 

Sometimes it can feel like we’re moving too slow, other times extremely fast. Life is a balance. Our life always is moving sometimes without us taking a moment to breathe and reflect on the moment.

Exploring different illustrations and titles.

final design
My project has three chapters: Serendipity, Exploration and Discovery. It consists of roughly 150 spreads of illustrations and text. 

Currently, the book has black and white illustrations however, I plan on adding color throughout the entire story to enhance the visuals and better showcase the emotions.

The first draft of the book will be unveiled at our MA Exhibition at Espacio Gallery in London from September 13–18, 2022.

A5 Paperback Book (Cover: 300gsm and Pages: 150gsm, uncoated paper)

final objective
I hope this project impacts readers to think differently and appreciate the beauty in the world around them–the history, the culture, the environment and themselves. 

I hope by writing through my own perspective using prose and illustrations, it encourages readers to find ways to express their own emotions rather than letting them build up inside of them. It's therapeutic; I want to motivate readers to reflect on themselves and their own thoughts, actions and decisions. I want readers to understand the importance of taking taking step outside of their comfort zone and try something new. 

A1 Size Poster for our Final Exhibiton

adding color to the spreads
I have started adding color to a few of the spreads from various parts of the books to showcase at our exhibition. More to come this Fall as I continue to develop the book!
London Exhibition
Our MA showcase at Espacio Gallery in London
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