about the project 
Primary Tea Company is a branding/packaging concept design for a sustainable organic fair trade tea company inspired by Bauhaus simplicity and visions. I created this concept design during my Fall 2019 semester at RIT. I developed the entire brand, graphic elements, packaging structure, mockups, and marketing materials.

The primary goal is create a unique one of a kind sustainable experience that values the every step of the process from manufacturing to packaging to tea drinking.

As a tea drinker, I am fed up with buying more loose leaf tea to refill my containers only to have it come in plastic and nonrecyclable pouches. Then, trying to pour the tea into a container to keep it fresh, I manage to make a mess. I wanted to create a solution.

This project gave me the opportunity to explore what is wrong with some brands current tea packaging and how I can improve it.
While studying abroad and traveling in Europe, I'd been introduced to the Bauhaus movement in greater depth. The values and use of shapes resonates with me, as designers of that time broke out of the norm.

Bauhaus is known for having simplicity of color and shape, repetitive patterns, symmetry, and harmony between the function of an object and its design. I wanted the design to be fully functional but completely unique.
sketches + concept
I developed a branding system out from the shapes of the packaging, a circle, a triangle and a square. They are also incorporated into the logo.

The name “primary” not only reflects the shapes and colors but the mission of the company that has one primary goal: to create a sustainable and one of a kind experience for tea lovers.
branding elements
The brand consists of Bauhaus design elements and emphasizes the dynamic and modern aesthetic of the packaging.

Distinctive patterns and uniform labels easily identify what type of tea is in each unique package.

Custom package designs for the products. 

loose leaf tea canister
The canister is made from aluminum, with a double sealing lid to keep the loose leaf tea fresh. A label wraps around the cylinder along with required information included on the bottom of the canister. 

Render created in Solidworks

loose leaf tea refill box
The refill tea box is made from paperboard and soy based ink. It contains loose leaf tea to refill your canister. 
The tear away strip at top provides a small opening that allows the user to easily pour loose leaf tea into the reusable canister. 

Custom dieline created in ArtiosCAD

compostable bagged tea box
Made from paperboard and soy based ink, this box holds compostable triangular tea bags for individual cups of tea.

Custom dieline created in ArtiosCAD

marketing materials
Social Media: Instagram will be a valuable asset to market our tea and represent our brand through a clean and simple posts that embrace Primary Tea Company values.

Posters: Bauhaus inspired posters are used to promote Primary Tea Company at various cafés and specialty stores that sell our products.
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