about the project 
Wanderlust is a painting on glass stop motion animation I created for as a graduate class project in the Fall of 2021. 

It showcases a journey, taking viewers through story supported through inspirational scenes of overcoming troubles and finding direction. They are interwoven with line art imagery of a person showing how experiences are all connected, creating scene transitions.
This project was completely outside of my comfort zone but I loved every second of it.

It is inspired completely by the music, an original score by Stephen Burke.

Then, I created a moodboard, storyboards and experimented with the media. I used gouache paint mixed with vegetable glycerin to slow the drying the process on a piece of glass to create the animation. It was a completely new technique to me so it involved some trial and error at first. 


Initial Storyboards

I learned from watching youtube tutorials that each person approaches this technique differently, creating unique effects. 

Inspired by my original moodboard, I created a new storyboard and gathered some reference images for the scenes. 

Revised Storyboard and References

In-progress shots with equipment: a Canon DSLR camera, gouache paint, vegetable glycerin and a Mac with Dragonframe software

Final video showcased on vimeo

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